This is me on January 11th, 2017 before going into the 350th District Court in Abilene, Texas and pleading guilty to a 3rd degree felony.

Well, it’s official. I now have a felony on my record. Now, it would be easy to be angry at the world, fight back, beat my fists on my chest, and scream. But for what purpose? For me, pleading guilty to the charge of ‘Fraudulent Intent To Obtain A Controlled Substance (CS) Schedule III/IV’ came as a relief. For the last year, I have been nervous about what was going to happen in this case.

After my arrest on January 4th, 2016 I spent 61 days as a guest of Taylor County Adult Detention Center as I waited to bond out. It took that long because I had a $10,000 bond and I only had $400 to put down. That is not even close enough to %15 for any bondsman to bother with. So I sat, for those 61 long days, I sat and ate and read and slept. I didn’t think I was going to make bond and by 1:30 am on March 5th, 2016 I was convinced I wouldn’t. Then, at exactly 2 am I heard the magic words, “Killgore, roll it up!!” Freedom. What a precious thing.

So I went about my daily life and heard nothing concerning my case. I was awaiting indictment and after a few months I just knew they were not going to indict me. I mean, what could they possibly have on me? (besides the tiny issue of being caught in the pharmacy picking up said fraudulent prescription of Clonazapam???) I just knew they were taking so long because they didn’t have enough evidence right? WRONG!!

On August 18th, 2016, the Taylor County Grand Jury met and handed down 50 indictments on 35 people and shockingly (or not really) I was one of them.

I am tenth on the list in the link above. Good times in Abilene, Texas!!!

Ok, so they indicted me and now it was on to the next step. I wanted to see what the other side had. My attorney, the wonderful Byron Hatchett, waived my arraignment (formal reading of charges) and requested the State’s Discovery (what the other side had). Needless to say, after reading the discovery packet myself, I knew that I was done. I knew all along that I was guilty, but my delusional, addicted mind thinking self tried to believe that what I had done wasn’t wrong. I know that I am not above the law. It took this for me to fucking KNOW it!!

Please feel free to read these. I found them very enlightening!! If I had any reason to doubt my guilt, all I had to do was read the fine print. Well, it’s all fine print……

January 11th, 2017 finally came and I got to hear what the District Attorney was offering me as a means of punishment. Remember, in the State of Texas, a 3rd degree felony holds a punishment of 2–10 years confinement to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and a possible fine of not more than $10,000. The part that scared me was the 2–10 years confinement in PRISON!! SHIT!! When my attorney was done consulting with the District Attorney, he came to me and gave me their offer. Eight years confinement to TDCJ……..PROBATED!! OMG….I got probation!! I am still free!! Thank you God!! But wait, that means I am going to be on Community Supervision for the next EIGHT years. That means midnight-to-6 am-must-be-in-your-residence curfew, random UA’s, monthly probation fees, 160 hours of community service, must-remain-in-a-4-county-area-please-do-not-fuck-this-up-or-go-to-prison-for-EIGHT-years FUN!!!! Hey, I can live with that because at least I am still free, well somewhat.

Did you know if you are a felon on paper (probation or parole) you cannot:


Run for Public Office

Own a firearm (that one is forever I think)

Obtain a passport

Go to any establishment that makes 50% or more of their revenue from the sale of alcohol

Use drugs (but……lol….just kidding)

Associate with anyone of questionable character or who has a past/present criminal history without clearance from probation/parole officer

Leave your residence after midnight or before 6 am unless your job requires it

Leave your “radius” (for me that s traveling outside of Taylor, Jones, Shakleford, and/or Callahan Counties, Texas) without written permission from your probation/parole officer

Meet with aforementioned officer at least once a month (more if they deem it necessary)

Be subject to a motion to revoke probation/parole if you break any local, state, or federal law, no matter how minute, or any of the above provisions

Well, just some fun facts on “What To Expect When You Are On Felony Probation In Taylor County Texas”.

So what next? Well, for me it’s trying to do the next right thing, even when it’s difficult, painful, or I just flat don’t want to. Onward and upward. Or however that goes!! Look out Taylor County, I am the best probationer (is that even a word?) in Taylor County history!!! YIKES!!!!