Boston after hours.

Fenway park in the rearview mirror.

She looked as enticing now as before.

Sushi is decided.

A friend of a friend of an unknown.

The best type of encounter.

Instant excitement.

Fingers over muscles.

Eyes twinkling in delight.

Not much talk.

Showing of teeth and mouths locked.

Cabbie looking in rearview mirror.

Her Spandex tights hugging a wonderful bod.

Curiosity makes me remove them.

Wait, we’re in a taxi.

Never crosses our minds.

Cabbie with Jamaican accent complains.

Another twenty flashed, he takes it.

Stares ahead trying not to crash.

We round Fenway again and again

Lust is everywhere.

Our bodies are intertwined in savage love making.

Limbs engulfed. Touching, tasting.

Lovemaking in a public vehicle.

One off the bucket list for sure.

Upon release, we tidy up.

Act as if nothing happened.

We vacate the vehicle and thank the driver.

He has a look of despair on his face.

We hand him another ten.

He smiles and drives off.

We say good night to one another.

And head towards different hotels.


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