Only Felt Once!

Why we are so practical when it comes to terms of feelings, numbering and putting the people we love in categories; first love, ex love, real love. That is so shameful because love is a sacred feeling that we should respect and cherish.

Love is only one worded ‘LOVE’ anything other than that is lust.

Some people say that your first love always alive and lives all the time, well maybe that is right considering that this first love was the only time you were in love. Also, other people say that you can love twice :S Seriously! Do they even believe themselves or it is just an excuse to forget someone and move on. We only have one heart and it beats once not twice. You have only one shot in love so that is why when you are certain that you have found your missing piece do not let it go away because if you lose that person you are going to lose your ability to feel love for the rest of your life.