Not Letting Darkness Dim Your Internal Lantern … and other uplifting crap

Courtesy: Grant Reitz. Website: Instagram: @reitzcreative

Good versus evil has always been a common theme in… well, everything. These scenarios are typically fully equipped with a quintessential “bad guy.” Maybe he has a pornstache… maybe she’s a witch… maybe he is Donald Trump running around with his small hands outstretched while women run screaming and wishing they hadn’t worn a skirt that day. Or maybe, just maybe, he is your asshat of a boss micromanaging everything from the way you microwave your sad brought-from-home lunch to your lack of affinity for spreadsheets (get it? micromanage…microwave… never mind).

Whoever, or whatever, the “evil” is, it is ever-present. But luckily there’s something that is just as apparent: a beacon of light — something or someone willing to fight the evil. These heroic “good guys” give us hope that yes, although there is unspeakable evil lurking in the world, there is also someone there to stand up for what is right. After every tragedy, there always seems to be an undeniable force that rises up — a force that gives a collective “fuck you” to that awful thing trying to spread hate.

Living in Boston, I witnessed this phenomenon first hand back in 2013. After the Boston Marathon bombings, David “Big Papi” Ortiz declared that this was “our fucking city” and the community did not rest until those responsible were caught. The terrorists messed with the wrong city — something they quickly learned when the Mayor literally shut down the entire metropolis to hunt for the offenders.

One of my favorite quotes is as follows,

“Sure the world breeds monsters, but kindness grows just as wild…” spoken by poet Mary Karr.

This quote sure as Hell rang true the days following the bombing. Wild, ‘wicked strong’ kindness was undeniable. #BostonStrong became a rallying cry. Nothing would stop justice from being served.

Fast forward to more recently — it’s undeniably easy to feel discouraged in this day and age. If you had time to reflect on 2016, and the beginnings of a chaotic 2017, chances are you may feel like the current political and socioeconomic climate is totally fucking nutso.

While things are far from perfect, I prefer to take the “silver linings playbook” approach and look for glimmers of positivity in otherwise royally messed up situations. It’s my way of turning ‘shituations,’ into more tolerable and traditional ‘situations.’

I suggest dealing with your everyday shituations in such a way where you are able to “de-shittify” them, or as I put it earlier: look for a silver lining. At the time in Boston when an unthinkable crime was committed against us, the silver lining was when an entire city come together to defend those who were unjustly hurt and killed.

Nothing can make what happened okay, but I like to think that those who were injured, along with the families of those who were killed, found some comfort in the way the people of Boston responded. From first responders, to Marky Mark-looking street people, we raised up as one — we looked evil straight in the eye and rejected it.

This phenomenon has happened time and time again, and will continue to happen — because as long as there is evil, there too, will be goodness.

Nobody likes it when bad things happen to good people. The challenges you face in your life are oftentimes unfair. But if everything was rose colored and a-okay all the the time, the chance to appreciate the strength within yourself, and others, to combat the badness would never be fully realized. That is the silver lining.