Finding a Mentor

Recently, I read that 33% of our time should be spent with our equals, such as peers and colleagues. It gives us a chance to socialize and enjoy ourselves. Another 33% of our time should be spent with people of lesser knowledge. It gives us the ability to teach what we have learned and experienced. And finally the remaining 33% of our time we are to spend with people much more developed than us. They are mentors.

I definitely have the first two covered, but I desperately need the third. Most of my life I have survived without them. And, there is the key word, SURVIVED. I don’t want to merely survive anymore, I want to excel. Well, what better way than by learning from those that have gone before us? Of course I’m not going to become a mere impostor or a clone.

It is still early in 2017 and I am on a lookout for mentors. As my career is making movies and art, I have started to research prominent artists in Latin America. I’m particularly interested in filmmakers, but I’m not discriminating against other mediums.

I am curious to see how this “finding a mentor” exercise turns out. I will write more about this in the near future. I have a few people in mind that I need to reach out to.

If you have a mentor story and want to share, please do so.

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