Changing my entire habit for a better school life. Is it worth it?

I started studying 2/3 hours everyday.


It’s been three months since I began my first semester in ninetieth grade. And next Friday I’m facing mid-term exams, and this week is literally crazy for me. I’ve been studying and making the schedule of the thing I’m studying, while I’m writing, right now.

In seventh grade, I never was the study all day person, I always study the night before an exam, or not at all. But sometimes I got good scores.

But beginning of eighth grade, I become so lazy on studying, and literally that entire year, I DONT STUDY, MUCH. Except for exams. I did my homework at school, so I spend my eight grade year, writing and trying to be a better student, in moral ways more than academic. But then I still get elected as Student Body President for 2016/2017.

And all the sudden, a lightning hit me. Making me realized how important is school &studying are. I never cared where school I’m attending, but then, I regret it. Because the school I attend never provided the thing I like to do.

There’s literally only four extracurricular in my Junior High School, music, scout, basketball for girls, soccer for boys, and dance class (And you need to attend ALL OF THE EXTRACURRICULAR.) Which I didn’t really like it, and also there are only 36 totals of students ENTIRE SCHOOL.

But it actually motivated me to study hard to get into the best school. in the city. It’s hard though to get in, like very hard.

Still, no matter how hard it is, I have the initiative to change from good, to better, and even more, greater. Not to sound arrogant, but I believe I can stand tall from my falls.

Still not just because I want to change, but I’ve been having writer block lately…

It’s hard when you have an idea, but you don’t know the right-perfect sentence for your story. It sucks.

Then studying become my escape from thinking about it too much, and indeed it helped. And kinda giving me spaces for thinking about how/what to write it.

And I think it’s worth it to change your old habits away to actually get what you wanted.

But it’s been a month I’ve started studying *Focus and commit to it* 
I think it’s gonna last long until I graduate.

Hopefully, not hopefully, but I believe it’s going to work.

Maybe soon I’ll be posting about the thing I’m studying and tips, also a lot more. I think it’s fun to share about this more to all of you.


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