Being all in (especially towards the end)

Have you ever encountered a vendor who was reat for the starters but as the time passed by and the exciting part of the job was done, he sort of lost interest? It surprises me how much effort people put into selling their products and themselves, and how little of this energy survives towards the end.

Yet it is the end when energy from the vendor is most needed. The client is tired. Impatient. Wants to have the product finished. Delivered. Shipped. She is counting on her partners to stay strong and focused. At the same time the vendor senses that the gig is almost over. That it is the time to look for the next client. His energy shifts from finishing the job with a flare to getting another project on board.

I think that this is one of the main reasons why some vendors need to keep on looking for new clients over and over again. Somehow it is easier to remember the difficult end than the rosy beginning. I guess it is a reaction from our lizard brain, which gets so much more sensitive when a situation gets tough than when it is all happy-melly. But I strongly believe it is not just that. I think that in the hardest moments you recognize who is there for you and who is not. It makes the distinction between the partner and the supplier.

Being there with the client towards the very end builds a relationship that is hard to break. Businesses are willing to pay more for that. Pay more for this certainty that we are in it together. For better and for worse. Until the project is shipped.