Apples and Oranges

To some in life, this is very easily done; to others, it’s near impossible. And that action is simply to wholeheartedly choose / make a decision.

I guess there are “right” versus “wrong” decisions, but once a decision is made; the person will do to the best of his / her ability to follow through and support that decision. If you cannot make up your mind, then you will not find the best possible way to get something done. The problem here is that, you will eventually have to do something and you will be ill-prepared to do it well because you have not made up your mind.

I guess a recurring dilemma I used to have, which isn’t quite a dilemma but it was just me not having thought things through. I’ve always known that my running / cardio isn’t that great and I also want to change that. But apparently this want was retarded by the fact that I also smoke cigarettes out of habit / addiction or both. I never fully decided to improve my running or just maintain my smoking habits. I always wanted to maintain both wants. “Obviously” quitting smoking here is the “right choice”; but is it really?

I think it’s really like Apples and Oranges. Just like any choice that we make in life. You’ll never know where the road leads beyond where it bends in the undergrowth. What if one day perhaps while buying a pack of cigarettes, I meet the woman of my dream? And what if I decide to quit smoking and focus on improving my running but injures myself then go right back to smoking again? You’ll just never know. I like to believe that in life. That all roads will lead somewhere, but you just have to be able to choose a road. You can’t straddle because then you will never be fully prepare to deal with either road well. You’ll just have to decide and have faith that you could pull yourself through any situation when properly applied.

I’m sure that doesn’t make sense to some, and I’m sure I failed to properly explain my thoughts so that you could see things the way I see. Oh, btw, fruits are great for you. You could eat both apples and oranges at anytime without having to choose only one. But if you’re allergic, then please stay away.

As the days go by, my urges to have a cigarette is decreasing, but it still does occur. I get into certain mental states where I used to typically smoke a cigarette and “think” or “relax” or whatthehellever it was that I told myself to “romanticize” the act. I’m not completely renouncing what I used to think, but maybe the things I’ve read or seen on tv conditioned me to think of these times where it’s appropriate to just light up a cigarette. Anyhow, it’s just fighting for the few seconds of the urge and you’re all set. At the end of the day when you look back, you will have tilted the scale of habit by adding one more day of not smoking versus days smoked.

Something like that. And constantly exposing yourself to physical activities is a great way to help. Fortunately for me, I can never really gain much weight regardless if I eat a chicken or an elephant; I’ve been eating a whole lot and it’s actually good because I think I do need to pick up a few pounds. It’s actually a conscious effort.

How do you eat an elephant?
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