Day 10 of My Personal Challenge to Write a Poem Each Day in April 
in Honor of National Poetry Month

Credit: 贝莉儿 NG on Unsplash


Keepers of broken human pieces
In secret, sacred places;
Guardians of the discarded, 
The displaced and the misplaced;
Pluckers of the shattered shards
Like shrapnel from oozing wounds;
Wipers of lava hot tears
And drops of icy blue blood;
Holders of hands — withdrawn,
Unextended and hidden;
Wrappers of limbs — cold, shivering, 
Damaged, and missing;
Encouragers of the discouraged,
Forlorn, frightened, and forgotten;
Guides for the lost, the wanderers,
The seekers and the questioners;
Menders of the torn, cracked, crushed,
Sliced opened, and blown up.


Celestial and earthly,
Seeing the human in the inhumane,
Finding exceptional in the mundane,
Upholding justice, truth, and grace;
Never abandoning this human race.


Keepers of broken human pieces
In secret, sacred places.

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