30 Years Old, why not start a blog?

Photo Credit: Mohammed Fkriy. Unsplash.com

The first blog post I was “going” to post.

Two weeks ago I turned 30. Why not start a blog? Seems like a legitimate reason to me.

I think more than anything it’s the urge to produce information rather than just consume information. To get the production/consumption balance right. Is that a sign of maturity?

We spend so much time consuming information. In a way, we’re designed to do it. To sift through information with our senses and tune into what is relevant. Maybe that’s the question I should be focusing on; what is relevant?

It seems the lure is towards the more mindless information. The short snippets. That’s the easy stuff. I know I gravitate towards it. I can have a giggle, I don’t really need to think about life, I can forget about work or my relationships for a moment. But it’s only for a moment.

Thinking is hard. That’s why we spend so much time trying not to do it. Being distracted. Seeking out distraction, and then justifying it as “my time.”

Distracted with hand held devices, email, Facebook, distracting ourselves from completing one task cause we’d rather jump around and feel busy doing more stuff.

Think about this — how much time do you spend rummaging through your brain to put your ideas and thoughts “out there?” Do you, can you, hang these threads of thought “out there” for others to consume without worrying what-so-ever about who is going to say what?

These are all things that I have mulled over and struggled with myself, so please don’t think I am pointing the finger.

Fast Froward 22 Months

Well, I started writing this post when I had just turned 30 and for what ever reason — distraction, lack of confidence to put my thoughts out there or just lack of action, it’s taken me till now to go back through all the half posts I have written and kick start this journey. That’s 22 months.

22 months ago was the contemplation phase. Now is the action phase. It didn’t need to take that long. But having said that, the time between wanting to start something and actually starting it is not wasted. It is the preparation phase where you mentally prepare for the change. You picture the action in your mind before you live it. Then it’s familiar to you. You know it and you know you can do it.

Intention is great, it leads to amazing outcomes, as long as you keep in mind that you can’t intention your way to anything. Good intention, no matter how good, is wasted without action.

If there’s anything that you have been putting off, spend the few minutes that it takes to put down on paper (or screen) what the next steps will be.

Action breeds motivation, which breeds action, which breeds more motivation… and on it goes.

This is one part of the big picture for me. Maybe, reading this will help you reflect on your big picture too. Take action.

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